Data is the foundation of decision-making. When you have the ability to aggregate data from multiple systems, you can drive insights and accelerate business impact.

But what are you doing with legacy data? Legacy data is often hard to manage. Getting data off legacy tape has been a long, complex process. Ignoring backup data archives can be a compliance nightmare.

Backed up Data sitting in-silos is hard to manage. Paying to maintain legacy infrastructure is expensive and non-productive. The value of your data is only as good as its quality, accessibility, interoperability, and portability.

Join in this insightful conference The CXO Dialogue: Mitigating Compliance Risks with Legacy Data Management to engage and interact with leading Data Management experts and deliberate on relevant Legacy Data Management topics such as

Emerging rules and standards for managing critical legacy data.
How do you manage and maintain access to legacy data?
Data Retrieval & Archiving - International Best Practices
Is moving and migrating data necessary ? when and how?
Data Privacy and compliance
The Event is Closed.

Abhijit Dey

Vice President – Digital Business
Axis Bank

Amit Dhawan

CISO and Data Protection Officer, Quantiphi


Senior Director & Head of India Region
Iron Mountain

Atul Jayawant


Chris Clark

President and CEO at Trusted Data Solutions


GM – Content Strategy


Chief Executive Officer

Shivangi Nadkarni

Data Privacy & Cyber Security Expert



Senior Vice President & Head - Analytics-RACC
IndusInd Bank

Tarang Daptardar

Chief Executive Officer - Assured Data Technologies

01 6:30 PM
6:55 PM

Welcome, Registration, Networking over Tea/Coffee

02 6:55 PM
7:10 PM

Keynote Address | Navigating Disruption with Legacy Data Management

Santanu Ganguly, Chief Executive Officer, StrategINK

03 7:10 PM
7:25 PM

Keynote Address | Data Privacy – India Imperatives 2023 & beyond

Shivangi Nadkarni, Eminent Data Privacy & Cyber Security Expert

04 7.25 PM
7.35 PM

Reimagining and Reinventing Compliance and Risk Management
Necessary Evil OR Liberating Rigour ?

Atul Jayawant, Advisor, StrategINK

05 7:35 PM
7:40 PM

CLIMB HIGHER to Transform your Business with Iron Mountain

Anuj Kapur, Senior Director & Head of India Region, Iron Mountain

06 7:40 PM
8:10 PM

The CXO Dialogue: Competing & Thriving with Legacy Data Management

Abhijit Dey, Vice President – Digital Business, Axis Bank

Amit Dhawan, CISO and Data Protection Officer, Quantiphi

Vivek Zakarde, Senior Vice President (Head - Analytics-RACC), IndusInd Bank

Moderator - Kanchi Shah, General Manager - Content Strategy, StrategINK

07 8.10 PM
8:25 PM

Innovation Unplugged with Assured Data Technologies

Tarang Daptardar, Director and CEO, Assured Data Technologies

Moderator - Kanchi Shah, General Manager - Content Strategy, StrategINK

08 8:25 PM
8:35 PM

Q&A, Key Takeaways

Facilitated by Kanchi Shah, General Manager - Content Strategy, StrategINK

09 8:35 PM
8:40 PM

Closing and Vote of Thanks

Chris Clark, President and CEO, Trusted Data Solutions

10 8:40 PM

Networking, Cocktails & Dinner

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