12 October 2023
18:00 Hrs. onwards
Andaz Aerocity
New Delhi

Organizations today are faced with a multitude of challenges around application and infrastructure modernization, automation, multi-cloud management, containerization, and evolving cyber threats. Staying ahead of the curve is imperative for businesses to remain competitive and thrive.

Today, IT is viewed as the agent of change; especially in the backdrop of mega trends such as mobility, big data, AI/ML, Edge computing, multi cloud architecture and much more.

Businesses are looking at new ways to manage, secure, and analyse their mission-critical multi-cloud business data and advanced capabilities to modernize and transform.

Join us at the Exclusive Knowledge X-change Roundtable powered by Kyndryl & Pure Storage. This roundtable is brought to you by StrategINK to discover best practices that will empower you organization navigate the complex landscape of modernization, security, and cost efficiency to advance growth objectives and deliver stakeholder value.

Key Discussion Areas at the Roundtable

Formulate a holistic digitization strategy that aligns with business goals and maximizes ROI
Address the challenges posed by legacy systems and explore strategies for modernizing infrastructure to enhance agility and scalability
Explore the necessity of effective change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions during modernization efforts
Delve into the evolving threat landscape and the significance of robust cybersecurity strategies to protect sensitive data and critical operations
Discuss the increasing concerns around data privacy and compliance with data protection regulations in India and globally
Develop metrics and KPIs for evaluating the success of TCO optimization efforts, including cost savings, improved productivity, and enhanced security posture

The Event is Closed.
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