Fri, 09 June 2023
18:00 Hrs
Sofitel (BKC),

The forces driving digital transformation in the manufacturing sector today present an existential threat to producers who can’t evolve quickly enough to keep pace. Yet legacy systems and infrastructure built for a previous era are too limited and inflexible to support modern intelligent manufacturing imperatives. Companies need a renewed platform for operating the business that gives them the insight and agility to out-manoeuvre rivals. At the same time, they need to know that the value to be gained from cloud migration will make the significant investments needed worthwhile and help them transform their applications to enable business agility and innovation at scale.

Learn how proven technical expertise, capabilities, and blueprints guide manufacturers through the challenge of modernizing their environments and addressing the complexities of digitizing and modernizing their plant floor environment.

Kyndryl and Microsoft together with StrategINK are delighted to welcome you to the Exclusive Roundtable on Building Intelligent Manufacturing with Rapid Transformation at Scale on the 9th of June 2023 at the Hotel Sofitel, Mumbai.

Points of discussion:

Uncover how leading manufacturers plan to digitize and modernize operations to exceed customer requirements.
Best strategies to Bridge IT and OT to streamline operations and optimize costs.
Manage digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 vision.
Gain Insights on how SAP on Azure can help organizations leverage IoT tools to integrate physical factory assets with digital operations and improve production outcomes.
Integrate core manufacturing data from SAP with other 3rd party and external data to unlock powerful insights from across the business and value chain.

The Event is Closed.
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