Cyber-attacks in India have soared in the last few years. Recent high-profile cyber incidents on India’s enterprise systems show that there’s no slowdown in sight. In fact, the threat landscape is becoming far more sophisticated with evolving threat vectors and larger attack surfaces.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for a well-defined and comprehensive Cyber Resilience Strategy is more crucial than ever. It is a pivotal juncture where a strategic vision for cloud security must be embraced, enabling organizations to wade through the treacherous waters of ever-evolving cyber threats. By embracing a comprehensive Cyber Resilience Strategy, organizations can confidently safeguard their cloud infrastructure, preserve operational integrity, and secure their digital assets in the face of emerging challenges

Check Point together with StrategINK is delighted to welcome you to an Exclusive Cyber Resilience Boardroom – Safeguarding Cloud Infrastructure on the 23rd of June 2023, at The Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru, 6:00 PM onwards.

Join us to engage with experts and gain insights on:

Navigating the cloud journey successfully and ensure robust security in the cloud environment.
Addressing board expectations, close skills gaps, manage decentralized cloud environments, and effectively measure and benchmark cloud security metrics.
Implementing robust cloud asset management and discovery tools that help in gaining visibility into their cloud assets, including applications, data, and infrastructure.
Identifying and remediating misconfigurations effectively
Best Practices for Shifting Security Left into CI/CD Pipeline
The Event is Closed.
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