Amidst the exponential rise of digital technologies and changing customer behaviour, financial services providers are struggling to provide enriched customer experiences, which has become the cornerstone of success in this fast-paced digital era.

With customers demanding more personalized, enriched, and connected customer experiences, the key to customer satisfaction is to build an omni-channel presence providing an array of seamless and real-time services, which mandate stark transformations across the organization.

However, outdated, and cumbersome legacy data infrastructure pose as bottlenecks for most financial institutions, impacting their scalability, flexibility, and reliability of operations.

A bigger challenge is the reliability of the data being used for driving key decisions.

The solution?

Data lifecycle modernization - Identifying gaps in existing data ops to make data more reliable, and actionable.

Reliable data needs the right preparation and framework, to get consumed efficiently and drive value across operations.

Through data lifecycle modernization, organizations can utilize their most valuable asset – enterprise data – and harness the same for intelligent decision making. Through efficient data and speedy management, organizations can transform into more agile institutions by reducing inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and other redundancies.

In this panel discussion, we discuss how financial services providers can leverage FSI-focused data stacks that deliver enhanced customer experiences, better risk management and real-time analytics to drive enhanced profitability.

Points of Discussion:

What are some incumbency and proliferation challenges currently faced by players in the Financial Services Industry (FSI)?
What does data lifecycle modernization entail? How can it ensure better data utilization and drive business?
How do FSI enterprises leverage new-age technology/ data architecture to build customer intelligence?
Getting analytics and reporting right with good data. Why data prep, data quality, and data reliability matters
How can banks and financial institutions harness real-time communication and omnichannel presence to build instant experiences for the new-age customer?
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Manish Bajaj

EVP- Sales & Operations

Shoaib Mohammad


Swaminathan Aiyer (Swami)

Head Analytics
India & South Asia AWS

Santanu Ganguly

Chief Executive Officer

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