In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of advanced technology into asset management has become crucial for both manufacturing and government sectors in India.

The global market for industrial asset management is estimated to reach $5.24 billion by 2025 with a growth rate of 8.7% from 2020 to 20251

Similarly, the smart government sector is anticipated to expand from $11.62 billion in 2018 to $28.24 billion by 2023 at a growth rate of 19.2%2

Utilizing an AI-enables asset management platform a cloud infrastructure offers various strategic benefits. The adoption of a unified platform for asset management on a scalable cloud infrastructure provides numerous strategic advantages.

Unified Asset Management Across Sectors A single platform facilitates the management of assets by consolidating data, from sources to provide better oversight. This integration is essential for industries like manufacturing and government where efficient operations can greatly improve productivity and compliance with regulations.
Enhanced Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing AI powered analytics and IoT data a unified suite can predict equipment failures before they happen shifting from reactive to maintenance approaches. This method not minimizes downtime but also prolongs the life of infrastructure and equipment crucial for both sectors.
Cost Efficiency and ROI: By deploying a system that only charges based on actual usage (concurrent user model), organizations can maximize their investment in asset management solutions. This cost-efficient strategy is beneficial for budget sectors such as government operations and manufacturing allocating resources based on needs rather than general coverage.
Scalability and Flexibility: Organizations need a solution that can scale with their needs, supporting business growth without the need for extensive additional infrastructure. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in environments, like urban infrastructure management and industrial manufacturing.
Operational Resilience and Continuity: Organizational success is often underpinned by operational resilience, enabling quick adaptation to changing conditions and maintaining business continuity, which is critical feature for sectors prone to disruptive challenges such as public transportation and large-scale manufacturing.
Mobile and Remote Capabilities: Remote access and availability data is a vital capability for sectors where assets are dispersed across large areas, such as government infrastructure and manufacturing plants, enabling maintenance tasks to be performed effectively in remote locations.
Reliability and Performance Improvement: Through comprehensive reliability strategies and asset health management tools, organizations can improve the overall reliability and performance of their assets. This systematic approach is particularly beneficial for sectors that rely heavily on the consistent performance of their physical assets, ensuring that operations are both efficient and sustainable.

Chittaranjan Meher

Country Leader- Sustainability Software

IBM India & South Asia

John Sleijpen

APJ Principal Partner Lead

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Krishna Kumar R

Country Manager, Technical Pre-Sales Engineering

IBM India & South Asia

Major Himani Bhatt

Govt Sales leader

IBM India & South Asia

Dr. Nikhil Koolwal

Advisory Technical Specialist Digital Transformation and Sustainability

IBM India & South Asia

Pankaj Gupta

Country Leader India & South Asia - Enterprises, Public Sector, Healthcare & Education

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Chief Knowledge Officer


Ravi Kumar

Chief Digital Officer

Exide Industries


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Prateek Tokas, Chief Knowledge Officer, StrategINK

Major Himani Bhatt, Govt Sales leader, IBM India & South Asia

John Sleijpen, APJ Principal Partner Lead, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ravi Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Exide Industries

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