AI-Driven Cyber Resilience
Ready for Anything

July 12, 2024 | 18:00 Onwards
ITC Maratha, Mumbai


In today’s digital landscape, organizations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that jeopardize data integrity, operational continuity, and reputation. 80% of organizations fear their cyber resilience strategy won't address today's challenges and threats. To effectively counteract these challenges, it is essential for organizations to adopt comprehensive strategies that integrate both cyber resilience and business resilience.

  • Cyber resilience to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.
  • Business resilience to ensure continuity of critical functions during and after any crisis, be it cyber-related or otherwise.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a crucial enabler of resilience strategies, offering advanced threat detection, predictive analysis, and automated response capabilities. By analyzing vast data in real-time, AI-driven solutions can identify and mitigate threats proactively. Machine learning algorithms detect patterns and anomalies that might allow preemptive measures to reduce breaches. Furthermore, AI automates incident response, enabling swift threat containment and remediation. AI-powered analytics provide deeper insights into security events and operational disruptions, facilitating a better understanding of root causes and enabling continuous improvement of resilience frameworks.

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What’s on
the menu?

Join Cohesity executives and your peers for an intimate evening of meaningful conversations on how to best navigate the ever-evolving cyber security landscape and bolster your business resilience while enjoying delicious food, and exquisite wine pairings at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

This exclusive evening session will bring together IT and Security leaders from strategic accounts to foster an environment where we can share insights, exchange best practices, and collectively explore innovative strategies to bolster cyber defenses.

Points of discussion
Best practices to navigate the ever-evolving cyber security landscape and bolster your business resilience
Collectively explore innovative strategies to bolster cyber defenses.
Key considerations for developing a robust cyber resilience strategy to combat today’s threats
Benefits from Cohesity’s advancements in AI to strengthen your cyber resilience and spur business growth
18:00 Registrations & Pre-event networking
19:00 Welcome Note

Santanu Ganguly, Chief Executive Officer, StrategINK Solutions

19:10 Expert Session

Harish Kumar Upadhya, Principal SE, Cohesity

19.35 Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion - Embarking A Resilient Security Platform

Pradipta Patro, Head of Cyber Security & IT Platform, RPG Group
Suresh Shankaran, Senior Vice President - Information Security Group, HDFC Bank
Dr. Pawan K Sharma, CISO, Tata Motors
Kalpesh Doshi, CISO, HDFC Life
Harish Kumar Upadhya, Principal SE, Cohesity
Moderator: Kanchi Shah, GM – Content Strategy, StrategINK

20.00 Fireside Chat

Sanjay Rohatgi, Group VP APJ, Cohesity
Shridhar Garge, Director Partnership & Programs, Nvidia

20.15 Closing Remarks

StrategInk followed by Networking & Dinner


Harish Kumar Upadhya

Principal SE


Sanjay Rohatgi

Group VP APJ


Kalpesh Doshi

Chief Information Security Officer


Kanchi Shah

GM – Content Strategy


Dr. Pawan K Sharma

Chief Information Security Officer

Tata Motors

Pradipta Patro

Head of Cyber Security & IT Platform

RPG Group

Santanu Ganguly

Chief Executive Officer


Shridhar Garge

Director Partnership & Programs


Suresh Shankaran

Senior Vice President - Information Security Group


Event Details

Location: ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Date: 12th July 2024, 18.00 Onwards

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