25 April | 1800 Hrs. Gallery   Pune
  25 April | 1800 Hrs.

The new way to cloud in the AI Transformation Era. It’s an incredibly exciting time in technology, as the cloud market is undergoing a fundamental rewrite. AI advancements are triggering one of the most significant technological shifts in history, comparable to the arrival of the internet or the move to mobile.

India today stands on the brink of a technological revolution and it's evident that AI is more than a passing trend—it serves as the foundation of innovation, fuelling progress across various sectors. With the AI industry booming in India having reached $680 million in 2022 and projected to soar to $3.935 million by 2028 it becomes crucial for businesses to stay proactive1.

From intelligent chatbots and lifelike digital avatars to AI-generated images, AI is bringing remarkable new products and services to consumers around the world. This rapid evolution, particularly with the emergence of generative AI, is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses to transform their operations and disrupt industries.

We are at a critical juncture with Indian Enterprises and Startups exhibiting confidence in AI and are bullish on the prowess of Generative AI, increasing their investments and propelling the Indian AI market towards an impressive $71.0 billion by 2027. This rapid expansion raises questions about our readiness and approach in navigating the AI landscape 2, 3.

Generative AI is poised to usher in a new wave of interactive, multimodal experiences that will transform how we interact with information, brands, and one another. We are in the AI Transformation Era, where new AI capabilities are becoming increasingly foundational to everything we do. Some industries are being completely transformed, while others are finding new ways to adapt. All of this means the technology choices business and IT leaders make today are more critical than ever for success.

We at Brio Technologies, Google Cloud and StrategINK, are delighted to invite you for an Exclusive Knowledge Exchange Roundtable themed around From Data to Value: Unleashing the power of Big Data and Gemini

Understanding Investment Speed and Asset Growth: Are we making timely investments in AI to protect and develop valuable data assets?
Decoding Data and Innovation: How can we unify our data effectively and leverage AI for groundbreaking innovations?
Technology Infrastructure: Do we have the technology infrastructure needed to develop and leverage AI?
Collaboration Tools: Are we utilizing AI- Powered collaboration tools to empower our workforce, streamline workflows and enhance productivity?
Security: In a time when data breaches are rampant how confident are we in the security of our data, systems and users?


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