Integrating Generative AI into business operations is akin to incorporating a star all-rounder into a cricket team. As an all-rounder boosts team dynamics by excelling in both batting and bowling, Generative AI enhances business functions by automating tasks, improving decision making processes and delivering customer experiences. This strategic integration can transform strategies to how a versatile player can influence the outcome of a game.

According to a recent C-Suite Survey, more than half of the executives consider GenAI a top-of-mind investment, with 87% exploring potential use cases. This strategic inclusion can shift competitive strategies, much like how a versatile player can change the outcome of a match.

Shivaami, Google Cloud, and StrategINK invite you to this Exclusive Roundtable on "Setting the Field for Generative AI", drawing parallels to a cricket strategy session where insights and tactics will be shared.

What’s in Store for You?

Leverage the right infrastructure: Reduce the time and cost associated with compute-intensive generative AI workloads, similar to how optimizing training and recovery reduces a cricketer's downtime.
High-performance hardware accelerators: Discover how these can support generative AI implementation at scale, akin to how high-quality cricket equipment enhances performance.
Strategic storage deployment: Strategize to deploy accessible, adaptive, and scalable storage for generative AI workloads, reflecting how strategic field placements are crucial during a cricket match.
Data and operations as a lynchpin: Delve into how the right data and operations can underpin your generative AI journey, much like how detailed statistics and analytics (like player averages and strike rates) guide cricket strategies.

Join us for a perfect delivery of groundbreaking insights against the electrifying backdrop of the IPL Finals.

Ready to Bat?

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Eagerly awaiting you to join us for what promises to be an unforgettable day of insights, connections, and cricketing action. Let's together strike-off some Super 6s!

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