For most organizations, the learnings of the last 2 odd years have been amalgamated into a new way of thinking – catalysing digital business initiatives as they adapt to the radically changing demands of employees, customers and other stakeholders. This has been a time of rapid change – one that promises to accelerate into a trajectory that demands a commensurate reorientation of business models and perhaps, even digital native thought!

In this, CIOs and IT leaders have spent months adapting to change and scaling new solutions at speed; thus, spending considerable effort and energy; often to the point of burn out. Much of this is due to the changing natures of infrastructure and the application landscape; as IT leaders scramble to go cloud first in enabling new forms of working and reimagining operating models. In a cloud-first and increasingly automated world, CIOs and IT leaders must pay close attention to how their infrastructure is utilized and managed; as well as how apps are delivered – securely and to their optimum utility. It is therefore no surprise that the collective realization is that - strategic infrastructure standardization, modernization and automation efforts will be critical for successful digital transformation.

However, while collective realization certainly exists and CIOs consider automation a critical leverage – many struggle to know where and how to start with infrastructure automation, leading to hesitation and missed opportunities. The key questions many CIOs and IT leaders continue to have are;

  • How to craft automation as an ongoing discipline – rather than as POCs and one-time initiatives that lead to no significant increase in metric output?
  • Building on an automation strategy that will insure scale, efficiency and consistency
  • Measuring the automation journey’s efficacy and impact on productivity; thus being able to holistically offload routine work to automation and improve the volume of work that can be executed
  • Navigating the complex ecosystem of ‘workloads’ – some already on the cloud, some ready to be moved; and still some, that are not ready for cloud migration due to complexity, performance, fiscal considerations or regulations.

Kyndryl and Red Hat are pleased to cordially extend a warm invitation to you to join us for an exclusive Round Table on 24 August 2022, 6:00 PM onwards at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Pune to discuss the imperatives of automation and its foundational ability to craft the Intelligent Enterprises of Tomorrow.

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