Innovation. Disruption. These are the biggest buzzwords in the last few years. Early on, large companies in high technology domain used to talk about innovation. Today almost every business organization – including all small organizations – takes pride in its innovation programs. There is an inherent advantage a small business, a SME or a startup has over large corporation when it comes to innovation. They are agile and flexible. Decision making is usually simpler and quick and their survival instinct inherently makes them sensitive to early results.

Since today’s workforce is distributed and elastic, the endpoint is the new-workplace and business-agility paves your path to success. To know more on why technology-enabled innovation is imperative for small businesses, now - more than ever before, register and join this exclusive roundtable brought to you by Dell Technologies in partnership with Intel and StrategINK on Thursday, 01 December 2022 at 18:00 hrs.

  • Meet Dell Technologies Small Business Solutions Tech Advisors in-person
  • Discuss how they can help you with right advise, expertise, solutions and services for business growth
  • Listen in to Customer Success Stories
  • Understand tailored product solutions designed to keep your small-business productive
  • Increase efficiency with Managed Services while reducing costs

Leverage Dell Technology Small Business Solutions as a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs, whether it's storage, laptops, datacenter or the cloud.

The Event is Closed.
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