Yesterday’s data architecture and visualization models cannot meet today’s need for speed, flexibility, and innovation. The key to a successful upgrade—and significant potential rewards—is agility.

Over the past several years, organizations have had to move quickly to deploy new data models alongside legacy platforms (architecture) to drive market-driven innovations such as personalized offers, real-time alerts, and predictive maintenance.

However, these technical additions—from data lakes to customer analytics platforms to stream processing—have increased the complexity of data architectures enormously, often significantly hampering an organization’s ongoing ability to deliver new capabilities, maintain existing infrastructures, and ensure the integrity of artificial intelligence (AI) models.

For companies to build a competitive edge—or even to maintain parity, they will need a new approach to defining, implementing, and integrating their data stacks, leveraging both cloud (beyond infrastructure as a service) and new concepts and components; such as graph databases for a significantly better understanding of the relationship of data with its associated components – namely, a new generation of relational database platforms in order to truly make data a strategic asset.

Enter Neo4j – the industry pioneer in helping organizations understand the power and the potential of data; both internal, as well as, external. Join us on Venue: Sofitel Hotel, BKC, Mumbai, Date & Time: 20 May 2022, 06:00 pm onwards at an exclusive and by-invitation only Physical Roundtable to understand and share experiences around unlocking the business value of connections, influences and relationships in data: through new applications that adapt to changing business needs, and by enabling existing applications to scale with the business.

StrategINK and Neo4j are pleased to invite you to participate in a high-powered Round Table to discuss matters related to helping make sense of DATA!

The Event is Closed.
Brandon Richards

General Manager

Brandon Richards has been General Manager of ASIA at Neo4j for the past two years, guiding large enterprises on how to leverage graph technology in their organizations for enabling innovation and real-time insight.

During this time he has helped many of the largest banks, insurance companies, governments, telecoms and other large enterprises begin their graph journey.

Prior to joining Neo4j he spent six years at Oracle managing strategic accounts, founded and managed a commercial real estate strategy and finance firm in Silicon Valley for several years, worked as Vice President and various other sales and marketing roles for over five years. He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Sales Director

Rahul heads sales for India and is building the next phase of growth for Neo4j in India. He has been in the data and analytics space for the last 17 years, starting as a business objects developer and transitioning to sales and territory management roles over the course of his career. Rahul has extensively partnered with organizations in their digital transformation journeys with the use of data, analytics, Insights and AI. A true believer in the value of data and a massive proponent of unlocking core AI use cases by focusing on ‘connected data’ from ‘collected data’.

Rahul has worked with organizations such as TCS, Tableau and HP in the past and has primarily focused on the evangelising value of data and analytics. He has been fortunate to be a part of journeys that have involved evolution of analytics from pure play reporting to insights/recommendations based analytics.

Time Description
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Registration, Welcome and Networking over Tea/Coffee
7:00 PM – 7:05 PM Context Setting by StrategINK Moderator and introductions
7:05 PM – 8:15 PM Round Table Discussion with participants & Neo4j leaders
8:15 PM – 8:20 PM Note of thanks by StrategINK moderator
8:20 PM onwards Networking cocktail and dinner
Points of Discussion for Round Table Dialogue
  • (1) Opening – Participant perspectives around how DATA is increasingly a Digital Asset
  • (2) Continuum – With Data flowing in from multiple sources (internal and external) – how do industry leaders plan to seize the opportunities emanating from relational data?
  • (3) Continuum – ‘Real-Time’ is the new norm and even more critical is the ability to couple data with multiple vectors to truly craft actionable insights. What are the challenges to effecting this comprehensively?
  • (4) Continuum – What are the multi-sectoral real-world applications of graph based platforms – such as will assist organizations to visualize ‘data’ in an entirely new manner toward building ‘digital services’?
  • (5) Continuum - Data pipeline and API-based interfaces simplify integration between disparate tools and platforms by shielding data teams from the complexity of the different layers, speeding time to market, and reducing the chance of causing new problems in existing applications. What are your perspectives?
  • (6) Closing – What are your perspectives around building the Future of Intelligence within your organizations – especially from the perspectives of data capture, data integration and data visualization?
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