The Boardroom Unplugged 3.O
Raising the Digital Quotient

Few board directors would dispute the importance of digital and how it’s fundamentally reshaping the competitive landscape in almost every sector. But many of those we speak to are uncertain about what their role should be in helping senior management drive the digital transformations that businesses need to execute in order to survive.

To innovate at scale and outperform competitors in the digital age, companies need to be tech forward. That means embedding tech into their business strategy and operating model. For most organizations, that requires a digital-ready IT function—one that is fast, adaptable, focused on the end user, and able to deliver business value.

The Boardroom Unplugged 3.0: Raising the Digital Quotient is Dell Technologies’ flagship event focussed on how organizational leaders must harness technology to accelerate value, sustain an organization’s ability to survive and thrive and to create disproportionate differentiation to outperform competition.

A Physical Event, Powered by StrategINK!

The Boardroom’s digital imperatives

Leverage technology to build cross functional digital abilities to create share VALUE

the Insights gap

Build the technological knowhow to recognize breakthrough initiatives as well as any hidden security or data risks

Business Model

Understand how digital can upend business models and focus on digital fundamentals such as data assets or customer experience

and Risk

Engage more deeply on strategy and risk where discussions need to match the speed of disruption

the Digital Tribe

Develop new digital skills to be able to influence change within the culture of the organization and its leadership

The 2022 and beyond mandate
Accelerate Innovation
Cloud Platforming, API Run Time Services, Embedded Intelligence, Self-Aware Infrastructure and Ubiquitous Connectivity
Continuous Learning, Transformation Mastery, DevOps Cloud Management, Vendor Management and Digital Assistant Management
Chief Operation Officers, Scale, Scope and Speed, Operational SLAs and Adaptive Organization
Democratized Innovation, Automated & Agile Processes, Process Orchestration and Analytic Model of Operations
The Boardroom Unplugged
Structure – Physical Event
Business Dialogues
Dialogues with Non – IT leaders on how they are viewing the concept of the Connected Boardroom and the new imperatives to unlock value
Tech Dialogues
Dialogues with industry IT leaders on how they are manifesting the board mandate with the aid of technology
Innovation Dialogues
Ability for OEMs to articulate their innovation and how they play ‘partners in progress’ for industry
Strong experiential event with physical networking and opportunity to meet with CIOs and ITDMs to discuss matters pertaining to need and purchase intent
6:00 PM – 6:55 PM | Welcome, Registration, Networking over Tea/Coffee
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6:55 PM – 7:00 PM | Context setting of TBU 3.0 by StrategINK
StrategINK Moderator
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM | Panel Discussion: The Boardroom Unplugged 3.0
Board members need to increase their digital quotient if they hope to govern in a way that gets executives thinking beyond today’s boundaries. However, the speed of digital progress confronting companies shows no sign of slowing, and the best boards will learn to engage executives more frequently, knowledgeably, and persuasively on the issues that matter most.
7:30 PM – 8:00 PM | Panel Discussion: War Room Diaries
Technology will continue to play an ever-more important role in supporting business continuity administration, development and structure; increasing the accuracy and accessibility of data, information management, and enhancing workforce productivity. For business continuity, the end vision is a fully resilient environment which means that things don’t fail and, if they do, they are resolved immediately with no loss of service - with TECHNOLOGY @ CORE
8:00 PM – 8:20 PM | Fireside Chat: Innovation Unplugged
It is widely accepted that Innovation is a primary source of competitive advantage for companies in essentially all industries and environments and drives efficiency, productivity, and differentiation to fill a higher variety of needs. Industry today needs a productivity boost from innovation and new frontier technologies to support growth.
8:20 PM – 8:30 PM | Fireside Chat: Profiles in Success
Customer in conversation
8:30 PM – 8:35 PM | Closing and Vote of Thanks
StrategINK Moderator
8:35 PM Onwards | Networking, Cocktails & Dinner
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