Daniel CF Ng

Managing Partner - Omni-Integra
First Ambassador - Myraa Technologies
Consultant - SustNet
Fellow - Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
Advisor - MAD School
Advisor - Digital Economy, OpenGov Asia
Advisor - Singapore Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industries

Daniel is a pioneer in the ICT industry and Marketing discipline. His 40 years of experience takes him from his Software Engineer beginning, through his Marketing leadership in companies like IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, Cloudera, Neo4j and other global leaders, to his market development role is Sun Microsystems where he helped it achieved the first MSC status company as well as contributing to building the foundation of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor.

His experience includes the journey ‘from MIPs, through Collected Data, to now Connected Data and Sustainability’.

Daniel is also passionate in serving organizations like Sustainability Business Network, MAD Academy as well as Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he believe in giving back to the societies and communities he serves.

Daniel is a creative and innovative leader and speaker who is always keen to explore new aspects of improving a nation and a company’s end-in-mind in achieving the best through collaboration, open partnership and sharing.

Sumit Puri

Sumit Puri is a dynamic and visionary leader in the wellness and digital technology sectors. As the CEO of Prana Wellness, his leadership reflects a deep commitment to integrating traditional wellness philosophies with modern health practices, offering innovative solutions for contemporary wellness challenges.

He is also the Co-Founder of Synergy Digital Solutions and Executive Director, Aura Data Tech. Sumit's entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking approach have been central to his success. His ability to identify and respond to emerging trends in both wellness and digital technology has positioned him as a thought leader in these industries. His dedication to improving people's lives through technology and wellness initiatives is not only commendable but also inspirational.

He has also played a pivotal role in outlining a growth strategy for KEF holdings beyond India, along with successfully deploying group-wide technology platforms for telehealth and COVID remote monitoring in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria , Kenya and Pakistan for enhancing patient connect, geographical reach and impact during COVID times for Evercare Group as its Global CTO. Also under his strategic thought leadership on leveraging emerging Healthcare technologies, Amx Healthcare executed innovative operating models for business growth. And established Max as the best digital hospital in India by centralizing and integrating electronic health records, e-Prescription and hospital information systems.

Vision Awards

The Vision 2024 Awards will honour the finest IT Leaders and Technology Providers who have been championing change and innovation.

IT Vision Awards 2024

IT VISION Awards 2024 recognizes & celebrates exemplary IT leaders in terms of Innovative Thinking and High-Impact Leadership, inspiring peers around bespoke digital & technology initiatives that create competitive advantage, reinvent operating models, optimize business processes, enable growth and improve stakeholder relationships.

Tech Vision Awards 2024

Success today requires businesses to keep pace with innovation, which only comes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. TECH VISION Awards 2024 recognizes and celebrates marquee Technology OEMs and Solution Providers, who make organizations maximally agile & composable, reinforcing secure and sustainable business outcomes.

Jury Members

Atul Jayawant

Ex. Group Executive President & Group CIO

Aditya Birla

Daniel CF Ng

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Prateek Tokas

Chief Knowledge Officer


Santanu Ganguly

Chief Executive Officer


Sumit Puri

CEO and Co Founde

Prana Wellness

Venkatesh Natrajan

Executive Coach & Advisor


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26 Apr 2024

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