The APAC tech and IT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2022 to 2027, reaching $ 2.5 trillion by 2027. While the Indian market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5%, reaching $ 300 billion by 2027.

In 2024, India is expected to grow at a rate of 6.3%. Several factors, including, strong domestic demand, and increasing investment opportunities will drive this growth. We foresee that businesses of all sizes will continue to automate their operations, combining industry and technical expertise to help drive digitalization and modernization in a secure and agile manner.

Vision 2024 is a unique platform for IT decision-makers and technology suppliers to better understand the challenges and opportunities impacting the acceleration towards crafting future-proof enterprises as well as; discuss emerging trends and the latest blue-sky views and perspectives surrounding the Digitization of industry.

Vision 2024, StrategINK’s Annual Flagship event focused on building Intelligent & Agile Enterprises of Tomorrow, is back with its Latest Edition.

Join us on May 10th, 2024 in the city of Mumbai to view the definitive unveiling of the year that awaits – the insights, prophecies, opportunities, and technologies that will reshape Indian industry and prescriptive action plans on building the Intelligent & Agile Enterprises of Tomorrow!

As technology intertwines with business strategy, collaborative discussions among CMOs, CFOs, CX, and CIO leaders are imperative. The alignment of data, AI, and cloud strategies ensures holistic business transformation, fostering innovation, cost-effectiveness, and superior customer satisfaction, underscoring a collective responsibility and opportunity for leaders across various organizational functions.


We are excited to announce our annual survey, themed 'Pacing Today, Pioneering Tomorrow'.

We invite you to contribute to this year’s sentiment study for C-level leaders across Asia Pacific region that aims to understand the potential of technological advances for enterprise-wide disruption.

Your participation will provide significant insights into how leaders like you are navigating these challenging yet exciting times by setting new benchmarks and paving the way for an advanced tomorrow. Your valuable contribution will offer a comprehensive view of the evolving technological landscape and its impact on business strategies and models.

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Conversations will Revolve Around
Quantum Computing

Quantum computing stands on the brink of a breakthrough, poised to solve intricate problems exponentially faster than classical computers. Anticipate notable progress in quantum computing research, particularly impacting cryptography, drug discovery, & optimization challenges.

Evolution of AI

AI remains at the forefront with its continued evolution, particularly in NLP, image recognition, and problem-solving, fostering enhanced capabilities. The integration of AI across industries, spanning healthcare to manufacturing, is poised to yield heightened efficiency and innovative solutions.

Risk & Cybersecurity Management

Implementing new capabilities to ensure model reliability, trustworthiness, security and data protection Building a continuous threat exposure mechanism 41% of organizations had experienced an AI privacy breach or security incident

Sustainability & Green Technology

ESG technology framework at the intersection of traceability, analytics, renewable energy and AI to deploy IT solutions for sustainability goals Sustainable tech solutions: Developing technologies that consume less energy & non-renewable resources

EDGE Computing

Edge computing, prioritizing local data processing over centralized cloud servers, is becoming more significant. Crucial for real-time applications like autonomous vehicles and IoT devices, it minimizes latency and boosts the efficiency of data-heavy tasks

Decentralized Finance(DeFi)

DeFi, utilizing blockchain technology, is poised to revolutionize conventional finance by providing transparent, decentralized financial services like lending and trading. This shift is anticipated to democratize global access to financial services by eliminating traditional banking intermediaries.

Industry Cloud Platforms

Combining SaaS, PaaS and infrastructure as a service IaaS to provide industry-specific sets of modular capabilities for providing agility, innovation and reduced time to market, while avoiding lock-in 50% of enterprises will use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives by 2027

Wireless Value Realization

Using a spectrum of wireless solutions to cater to all environments to use built-in analysis and low-power systems to harvest energy directly 60% of enterprises will be using five or more wireless technologies simultaneously by 2025

Platform Engineering

Building and operating self-service internal developer platforms for software delivery and life cycle management to accelerate product teams’ delivery of customer value 80% of software engineering organizations will establish platform teams by 2026

Digital Immune System

Combining data-driven insight into operations, automated and extreme testing, automated incident resolution, to increase the resilience system stability Organizations that invest in building digital immunity will reduce system downtime by up to 80% by 2025 for higher revenue

Industry insights
The event will focus on the resurgence of Indian industry and the imperatives that will define its ability to leverage technology to capitalize on the opportunities presented by India’s immense youth, talent and the rise of the Digital Workforce. Focusing on Global MNCs, Large Enterprises in India and the SMB sector – this is an event you cannot miss!
The event, by and large will focus on immersive conversations with eminent industry leaders, IT practitioners and technology suppliers on the technologies and trends that will pave the way for navigating through the maze of challenges and opportunities in 2024 and beyond to build the resilient enterprises of tomorrow.
Innovation in a crisis: Why it is more critical than ever is the question that 2024 has taught us in good measure! Prioritizing Innovation is key to unlocking post-crisis growth. All crises present choice and opportunity; and the event will focus on the technology-led innovation that is critical for value acceleration.
The event will focus on the key segments and sectors that form the foundation of India’s 3rd wave of resurgence! The focus will be on the SMB and Large Enterprise segments; with a special focus on Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare & Life Sciences sectors that are pivotal for resilience acceleration.
Predicting the future is hard and risky. But predicting the future in the technology industry is even harder and riskier due to dramatic changes in technology and limitless challenges to innovation. The event will focus on the top technology trends that will dominate Indian industry and its acceleration in 2024 and beyond.
Launch of Industry Report

Vision 2024: Pacing Today, Pioneering Tomorrow

To address current technological needs, challenges and ensure the smooth running of the IT infrastructure. CIO’s need to make real-time decisions, keep up with competitors, and meet immediate business needs.

Vision 2024: Pacing Today, Pioneering Tomorrow To address current technological needs, challenges and ensure the smooth running of the IT infrastructure. CIO’s need to make real-time decisions, keep up with competitors, and meet immediate business needs.
This is about the future – the emerging technologies, anticipating future challenges, and setting a strategic direction for the company's technological future. Looking at the horizon, making long-term tech investment decisions, and ensuring that the company is well-poised for the future tech landscape.

The Vision 2024 report by StrategINK Insights will examine pressing challenges & opportunities that technology will present in 2024 and beyond – and the transformation that they equally promise.
Spanning diverse verticals, the report will present an authentic, prescriptive and practical analysis of the top business & technology trends and industry sentiments by IT and Business leaders; thus, making for compelling read.

Key Highlights
Conference With 200+ Attendees
Innovation And Discovery Workshops
Tech Idea Café
CIO Extempore
Experience Zone
One-on-one Meetings
Vision’24 Report Launch
Vision’24 CIO & User Choice Awards

IT VISIONARY Awards (For the CIOs)

Tech VISIONARY Awards (By the CIOs)

IT VISIONARY Awards 2024 is an initiative of StrategINK to celebrate the visionaries that are taking their organizations to new heights with their approach to IT DX strategy.

It is time to accolade these IT leaders on their achievement for leading their organization through challenging times in the wake of the pandemic and took the opportunity to achieve radical digital transformation within their organization to become market leaders and realize true business value.

Tech VISIONARY Awards 2024 are by the IT leaders, where they will accolade and acknowledge the Technology Providers for providing updated and edge technology products & services, along with ensuring a smooth transition journey and experience.

Nominate Now

Abhijit Chakravarty

Industry Leader

Abhijit Dey

Vice President - Product Head - API Banking, WhatsApp and Chatbot

Axis Bank

Abhishek Danej

APAC Principal Consultant - Enterprise Service Management

OpenText - India

Ambarish Kumar Singh

Chief Information Security Officer

Godrej & Boyce

Amit Dhawan

Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer


Amit Ray

Head - IT Business Proccess

Reliance Digital Retail

Anand Tomar

Head - IT

McDonald's India

Anil Reddy

Vice President - IT Solution Delivery

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Atanu Roy

Chief Information Officer

PI Industries

Ashish Desai

Chief Information Officer Textiles and Renewable Energy Business

Grasim Industries

Avinava Banerjee

Global Digital Commerce Head


Basant Kumar Chaturvedi

Regional Director IT - South Asia, Middle East, Africa & LATAM

Perfetti Van Melle

Badri Subramaniyan

Vice President MIS

Bajaj Auto

Bijender Mishra

Global Chief Information Security Officer and Senior General Manager - IT

Alkem Laboratories

Dr Shakti Goel

Chief Architect and Data Scientist

Yatra Online

Floyd Britto

Director & Chief Executive Officer


Hemal Shah

Chief Information Officer

Aristo Pharmaceutical

Kanchi Shah

General Manager - Content Strategy


Khushru Mistry

Chief Technology Officer


Kunal Dhingra

Chief Technology Officer

RBL Bank

Manish Kishore

Global Head IT


Namrita Mahindro

Chief Digital Officer

Aditya Birla Chemicals Fertilizers and Insulators

Nilesh Nair

Regional Sales Head

RUCKUS Networks

Partha Protim Mondal

Chief Information Officer

Berger Paints India

Pradipta Patro

Head - IT & Global Chief Information Security Officer

KEC International (An RPG Group Company)

Prasad Puranik

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Comprinno Technologies

Prateek Tokas

Chief Knowledge Officer


Santanu Ganguly

Chief Executive Officer


Saurabh Saxena

Regional Vice President - India


Shiju Rawther

Head - Information Technology

SBI Mutual

Shobhana Lele

Chief Information Officer

Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company

Srinivasulu Thayam

Chief Technology Officer

Aravind Eye Care Sytem

Sumanta Bhattacharya

Chief Data & Analytics Officer


Tarun Pandey

Chief Technology Officer

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Tejasvi Addagada

SVP- Technology & Data Management


Tushar Zade

Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services

Udit Pahwa

Group Chief Information Officer

Kirloskar Management Services

Venkatesh Natarajan

Executive Coach & Advisor


Vinod Sivarama Krishnan

Chief Digital & Information Officer

Essar Capital

Vipin Gupta

Chief Technology Officer


Vivek Zakarde

Chief Data & Analytics Officer


Who Should Attend

Vision 2024 will be attended by executives from various sectors of Indian industry, including C-suite leaders, Influencers, Practitioners and Technology professionals

CIO, CTO, CDO, CISO and LoB leaders looking to network, learn, and share with colleagues and potential business partners
IT Leaders
IT leaders looking for the latest in cutting technology content and strategic directions to enable business planning
Influencers &
Tech Practitioners and influencer professionals looking to network and hear immersive content from industry leaders
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