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In today’s Digital Economy, You need facts. StrategINK’s bespoke research can connect the dots and blends disruptive strategies with operational pragmatism, enabling you with Knowledge Power you need to precisely know your customers and how they behave..

Customized Research​​

Our bespoke Services & Advisory for Technology OEMs include (but not limited to) Buyer Behaviour Analysis, Market Entry / Growth Acceleration Services, Thought Leadership, Demand Generation, Account Marketing, Launch & Promotions, Training & Enablement, etc.

We use best of breed Research practices, verifying and validating multiple data-sources (demand side, supply side, primary & secondary etc) to arrive at bespoke research outcome.

Precise & Contextual Analytics

Our curated research approach add layers of context that helps unlock the insights data points offer, and leads to more informed and accurate decisions.

At the onset of any Research initiative, we conduct a Discovery Workshop to gather necessary background information that provides context to an event, person, or item. This data is important for providing a broader understanding of specific pieces of information and placing them in a larger picture.

Prescriptive Business Insights

Our Research Insights not only limit the deliverables to ‘data-driven intelligence’, we always strive to go an extra mile by prescribing curated best-practices best-fit for business.sights team will get to work to deliver an unique research which is tailored and optimized for your specific needs.

Deep Industry-Experience and Subject Matter Expertise of our Research & Consulting Leadership team enable us with needful wisdom to connect the dots, to maximize business impact & client value.

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