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StrategINK achieves ISO 27001: 2013 Certification

  Gurugram   July 19, 2022

StrategINK Solutions Pvt Ltd has been awarded the ISO 27001: 2013 certification from ISO, the International Organization for Standardization headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland. The certificate was awarded on 28th June 2022 after a thorough review of information security management system. This coveted information security management system (ISMS) certification holds good for all core businesses of StrategINK including INTEGRATED MARKETING SERVICES, MARKET RESEARCH & CONSULTING.

On this milestone, Vinod Singh, Managing Director, StrategINK said “ In this digital world, achieving ISO 27001 is a fundamental requirement for our organisation. The data security of CIOs, IT Leaders along with Line of Business managers and practitioners in various engagement like their technology and business-impact opinion, sentiment and participation in various marketing initiative is a critical process and it becomes vital to keep their data safe.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that StrategINK has identified the risks, assessed the implications and put in place systematic controls like regular audits which gives us confidence that our data is secure, and any possibility of breach is minimized to limit any damage to the organisation.”

Commenting on how this certification enhances value for StrategINK’s clients, Santanu Ganguly, CEO further added “Now, our customers and partners will feel more confident to engage with StrategINK keeping in mind increased reliability and security of systems and information, increased business resilience, improved management processes and alignment with corporate risk management good-practices”

This certification for StrategINK is a milestone in the history of the company. It believes that the decision to become an ISO 27001: 2013 certified company is a proactive one that not only anticipates the demands of the market, but also demonstrates a deep commitment to providing quality & secured services to all its clients and partners.

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