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StrategINK joins MSRI, reflecting its commitment to upholding market research standards

  April 08, 2022

StrategINK Solutions Private Limited, a leader in strategic consulting providing research based business insights is proud to announce its membership with Market Research Society of India (MRSI), a prestigious association dedicated to promoting and enhancing market research practices in India. This full corporate membership is a key milestone in StrategINK’s research journey, publishing multiple detailed reports, whitepapers and knowledge articles, based on market research and industry sentiments.

As a member of MRSI, StrategINK will continue to strengthen its commitment to upholding the highest quality standards of professionalism while conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating market research. By joining this esteemed association, StrategINK also seeks to utilize a wealth of resources, industry expertise, and collaborative opportunities to further enhance its research findings, amidst a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India.

“We are absolutely honored and thrilled to have been accepted as a member of the Market Research Society of India (MRSI). Our association is a logical convergence of two entities committed to ethical and high-quality market research. We believe that with this membership, StrategINK will be able to enhance its research capabilities, driving greater credibility and value for the research consumers.Vinod Singh, Founder & MD, StrategINK

Through this membership, StrategINK is yet again affirming its commitment to maintaining standards of excellence in market research. In addition to adhering to market research as established by MRSI, StrategINK will also actively participate in knowledge events, webinars and seminars and other occurrences, to further entrench itself in the market research ecosystem.

“As a research organization, we have been committed to providing authentic findings and maintaining professional standards. Becoming a member of MRSI further reinforces these key elements to our ethos.”, Prateek Tokas, Chief Knowledge Officer, StrategINK

Over the years, StrategINK has successfully published market insights on themes of business-led digital transformation, including, Digital Acceleration Insights, India Cybersecurity Outlook, CISO Handbook: Conquering the Digital Frontier, among others. Insights from these reports, capturing market sentiments has enabled StrategINK to facilitate evidence based interventions for CXOs, conduct global knowledge events and support digital transformation journeys of a multitude of organizations in India Inc. With this membership, StrategINK will continue to maintain excellence in market research, showcasing latest trends and informing interventions for India Inc.

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About StrategINK: StrategINK is a leading provider of market intelligence, technology advisory and integrated marketing solutions in the B2B domain with a variety of services towards accelerating ‘Business Innovation & Go-to-Market’ pursuits. With our core offerings of ‘Research based Business Insights’, ‘Content driven Marketing Solutions’, ‘Digital Transformation Consulting & Advisory’, and ‘Learning, Enablement & Skill Augmentation Services’, we catalyze & accelerate business transformation, digital led innovation, sales acceleration, skill enhancement, and customer delight. With our rich, diverse & hybrid model of digital and physical tools, techniques and industry proven frameworks and best practices, we develop unique-custom solutions to address complex business challenges of our clients and create compelling value through sustainable innovation.

About Market Research Society of India (MRSI): The Market Research Society of India (MRSI) is a unique, dynamic and a not-for-profit autonomous market research body formed in 1988 by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India. MRSI aims to guide, encourage, and uphold the highest quality standards of professionalism for all those who use, need, generate, or analyze and interpret insights/data in the research & insight industry. It is a platform that brings marketing professionals and insight professionals together and instills a code of conduct that should be followed in the research & insight industry in India and showcases the developments and innovations that take place.

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